A Presentation on Safe and Sustainable Battery Testing at New Unique Lab

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A Presentation on Safe and Sustainable Battery Testing at New Unique Lab

We invite you to a digital press conference about our new lab for Safety Critical Battery Testing, which is situated in Borås, Sweden. The press conference is hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, and is held as a Zoom meeting on 27 February 2024, 11.00-11.40 AM CET. A link to the meeting will be sent upon registration.

Batteries are becoming increasingly important in our electrified society. The development is driven by our urgent need for reduced emissions to reach climate goals. Battery technology is not new, but the battery sizes, chemistries, energy density and applications are new. In this swift transition, it is important to test batteries not just to meet standards, but to achieve real-world safety.

At the press conference we will present our safe and sustainable laboratory for safety-critical testing of batteries. Here, we push batteries to their limits and beyond, to ensure they are safe to use. The lab is built with maximum safety for both co-workers and the environment. It is equipped with a top-notch cleaning facility for flue gas and a groundbreaking water cleaning system. The battery tests are conducted in a large indoor setting with all possible precautions to ensure safety.

We will showcase how our new lab for safety-critical testing caters to the exponential need for battery testing. It will demonstrate how the transition can become greener by incorporating environmental measures in the testing phase, ensuring we don’t pollute our path towards a fossil-free society. Our new lab in Borås enables testing batteries in a safe and sustainable way, for both people and the planet.

The press conference features presentations from:

– Franz Evegren, Director of Fire Safe Transport, RISE.

– Robert G Johansson, Project Leader & Expert on Environmental Durability Testing of Batteries, RISE

– Niklas Jälevik, Head of Media Relations at RISE, is moderating.

We are looking forward to your participation in this event.

When: The press conference will begin promptly at 11.00 AM on 27 February and is expected to conclude by 11.40. There will be a Q&A session following the presentations.

Registration: Please confirm your attendance by emailing Claudia Nilsson, Communication Manager, Safety & Transport. Enter your name, editorial board and press authorisation to [email protected] or by phone +46 10 516 52 15

For further information, please contact Niklas Jälevik, Head of Media Relations, email: [email protected], phone +46 10 516 55 48

RISE is Sweden’s independent research institute and innovation partner. We contribute to sustainable development and support collaboration between research, industry, academia, and the public sector.

When testing with us, you can access our more than 30 years of battery experience and our 3000 co-workers’ expertise from all parts of society. Safety-critical testing of batteries is one of our 130 test facilities that support future-proof technologies and sustainable development.