About us

Who we are

The Battery Tech family provides valued association across key Electric Vehicle (EV) battery markets and niches.

Together, we deliver highly customised content that meets our members most sophisticated needs.


A legacy of working with key partners in the EV battery technology field.


International Centre, Telford


What we do

The Battery Tech Association is consistently recognised as one of the leading associations for connecting providers of engineers, design, construction, research and innovation services across the EV battery markets.

Battery Tech Association offers our members around the world a wide platform connecting people within the EV Battery Technology world.

We take care of our people wherever they are. When you join Battery Tech Association you begin a relationship that invests in your professional success. In addition to competitive opportunities, we are committed to providing a unique set of benefits for our diverse EV Battery community.

  • We specialise in the following areas:
  • Battery Cell Production 
  • Battery Module and Pack Assembly 
  • Machinery and Plant Manufacturers
  • Battery Recycling
  • Battery Cell Components
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Test Centres
  • Second-Life Application 
  • Next-Gen Battery Technologies
  • Battery Fairs and Conferences 
  • Cell Chemistry and Formats
  • Battery Active Materials 

Our comprehensive membership offer includes

Exclusive access to current education, expert insights, innovative data, research and market analysis.

Understand the complex science and battery technology shaping our future.

Exclusive access to our Battery Tech Association Directory.

Access to national and global networking events connecting people within the EV battery industry creating valuable opportunities to share innovative ideas and product knowledge and much more.

Celebrating learning and success.