About:Energy Announces Demonstrator to Accelerate Battery Management System Innovation with the support of STMicroelectronics

Battery Tech

  • Demonstrator integrates About:Energy’s battery data with ST’s automotive solutions and AutoDevKit platform to enable in-house development of safe, efficient, and cost-effective Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • This streamlines BMS design cycles, protects IP, accelerates prototyping, and enables comprehensive solutions like safety monitoring and fast charging
  • Solution empowers companies across industries like EVs, aviation, and grid storage to innovate in electrification initiatives
  • At the Plug and Play Expo2024 yesterday, the integrated solution won the Global Innovation Award

London – June 11th, 2024About:Energy, a pioneering battery modelling software company, today revealed a technology demonstrator for battery management systems developed with the support of STMicroelectronics.

About:Energy has seamlessly integrated its industry-leading Voltt battery data with STMicroelectronics’ versatile automotive solutions, to empower companies to develop safe, efficient, and cost-effective Battery Management Systems (BMS) in-house.

The offering tackles the time and cost-intensive BMS development process by combining About:Energy’s validated battery data across diverse chemistries with STMicroelectronics’ AutoDevKit platform.

This streamlines design cycles, protects IP, accelerates BMS prototyping, and enables comprehensive solutions for safety monitoring, efficiency optimisation, state of charge assessment, and fast charging.

The integrated BMS solution showcased its capability at the Plug and Play EXPO2024 in Stuttgart on June 6th, where it won the Global Innovation Award.

Gavin White, co-founder and CEO of About:Energy said

“We are thrilled to collaborate with STMicroelectronics, a renowned leader shaping the future of automotive electronics. By fusing our expertise in battery modelling with their cutting-edge hardware and software, we are empowering companies of all sizes and across industries from electric vehicles, aviation, grid storage and more, to unleash new levels of safety, efficiency and performance in their electrification initiatives.”

STMicroelectronics support BMS technology by combining its automotive solutions with About:Energy’s innovative models, enabling companies to transform their electrification visions into reality while safeguarding intellectual property. 

About About:Energy:

About:Energy is the leading battery data and software company helping to advance the transition to electrification. Founded as a spinout from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham, About:Energy is accelerating electrification through battery virtual prototyping to provide the digital tools and advanced data for the battery industry to build better batteries, cells, and systems.

Its software, the Voltt, features advanced battery data and models to streamline battery R&D processes, reducing time-to-market and enhancing battery system performance for the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors.

To date, the company has raised £1.7 million in funding from investors such as HighSage Ventures, Vireo Ventures, and Plug and Play Tech Centre, and has secured £1 million in government grants to accelerate product development. For About:Energy’s media kit, please click here.

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