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Brownell Limited are global leader in providing practical solutions for humidity protection and environmental control in sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

Since 1952, Brownell Limited has developed its experience as designers, manufacturers and suppliers of a range of dedicated products. In order to create solutions that prevent and protect against the harmful effects of condensation, humidity and pressure. Product preservation and extended shelf life are becoming increasingly important requirements.

Brownell offers a comprehensive range of products including Desiccants, Desiccant Bags, Desiccators, Humidity Indicators, Immersion Proof Breathers, Moisture Adsorbing Polymers, Nitrogen Purging Systems (NEPS1000), Tank Vent Dryers, Drum Vent Dryers, Transformer Breathers and Pressure Relief Valves. These are used to solve many different problems in various industrial sectors.

An ongoing commitment to research and development welcoming opportunities to work and cooperate with OEM’s, subcontractors and end-users. Brownell continues to offer products capable of providing bespoke solutions for specific needs and requirements.

Brownell also has a comprehensive data library and test facilities for the evaluation of moisture barriers, equipment housings and operational scenarios. In order to assist customers with the best design practices for the performance of their systems.

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