Cognition Energy Ltd

Cognition Energy Ltd

Cognition Energy is committed to world-class cell testing, enabling the delivery of safer and more reliable batteries, quickly.

With over 600 channels, our testing services are designed to ensure our customers are provided with the knowledge and insights needed to develop innovative and high-quality solutions. We can offer a range of low and high-powered testing, with a maximum parallel current of 1600A. We pride ourselves on ensuring each project is completed with unparalleled quality, which includes:

Bespoke testing fixtures if required, created by our in-house engineering team

Data processing and visualisation, where data is supplied in the customer's preferred format and results are summarised in graphs as standard.

Cognition Energy is further paving the way with the evolution of battery testing, with our groundbreaking CellPod system. The CellPod One has been designed to solve the common difficulties, that arise in battery testing and has been optimised to make testing more accurate, flexible and safer. Each CellPod Quad contains four individual CellPods, each of which is surface-cooled and independently thermally controlled (maximum current 15A). The CellPod One replaces the requirements of traditional thermal chambers, integrating directly with the testing cycler and enabling the collection of more accurate data.

Further to the CellPod One, we are currently in the process of creating the CellPod Air, the next iteration of the CellPod. The CellPod Air will enable bigger cells to be tested with more power (maximum current 300A). This will be available in the second half of 2024.

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