From Cosworth’s early beginnings, innovation has been at its heart. The founders, Keith Duckworth and Mike Costin began developing race engines for formula cars in 1958 with an impressive record of triumphs. Since then, the core heart of the business that led Cosworth to become a house-hold name has evolved into an engineering heavyweight, developing world-beating propulsion solutions for multiple sectors including marine and aerospace applications.

Cosworth Group’s propulsion sector, based in Northampton has transitioned from designing and manufacturing race engines to delivering world-beating, high-performance road engines with optimised efficiency to meet today’s emissions standards. Critical engine components are also designed and machined in Northampton, to the highest standards for industry-leading brands.

Following years of success with racing engines, Cosworth began to develop electronics products under the name Pi Research in 1987, which later became Cosworth Electronics. Now, Cosworth Electronics is growing its offering, providing motorsport customers with a range of software and hardware products to extract the ultimate performance. AliveDrive is Cosworth’s core automotive product for largescale OEMs, designed to enhance the driver experience with integrated video and data acquisition. AliveDrive coupled with motorsport products enables Cosworth Electronics to deliver advanced technology from road to race.

The Cosworth Group has diversified its offerings most recently with its future technologies division, Delta Cosworth. From its Silverstone location, the team within Delta Cosworth are developing industry-leading battery and electric vehicle products using motorsport as a test bed to accelerate engineering advancements. Delta Cosworth is also looking into alternative propulsion solutions. The brand’s novel Catalytic Generator poses a new way of providing the transport industry with clean fuel technology, underpinning Cosworth’s commitment to developing sustainable propulsion solutions. This critical investment in innovative and sustainable technology is key to securing Cosworth’s future in the fast-changing landscape of the propulsion industry.

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