Digatron Power Electronics GmbH

Digatron Power Electronics GmbH

Digatron is an international group of companies with headquarters in Aachen (DE), and global manufacturing facilities in the USA, India & Italy. Our core purpose has always been energizing the battery world with our advanced turn-key power electronic solutions.

Since over half a century, we have grown continuously and have become the recognized partner of the leading battery and automotive industry internationally. We offer equipment, systems and devices for the production, testing and development of power storage and batteries of any technology such as lithium, lead, NiMH, NaS, and of any size, from the single cell, 12V starter battery to the 800kW lithium module of an electric vehicle.

Our systems are used as test systems for development and quality assurance, simulation systems for the testing of e-vehicle batteries, formation systems for the initial charging of cells and batteries, as well as turn-key solutions, such as fully equipped test containers or fully automated formation systems for Li cells. Here we work closely together with our subsidiary Digatron Systems.

As a global market leader, Digatron equipment energizes the biggest names in the battery and automotive industry all over the world. Our customers include battery manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, as well as universities & research facilities that develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the future electrochemical energy. It is our passion to develop tailor-made and exactly fitting solutions for our customers and to be a leading supplier in this market with trend-setting technology.  

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