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Discover Emtez. Pioneers in lithium-ion battery storage and protection

Emtez is a globally recognised manufacturer and supplier of safety and storage solutions for environments including the industrial, commercial, military, and education sectors.

We have over 35 years of experience in manufacturing risk management solutions, and today this includes the manufacture of lithium-ion battery containment solutions developed for the safe storage, quarantining, and transportation of this emerging battery technology set to power the industries of tomorrow.

Collaborate with our project leads to design a product tailored around your operational needs. Work with our engineers to take your concept from a pencil sketch to a pioneering solution. Benefit from the expertise of our lithium-ion specialists to ensure every unit adheres to the highest European standards regarding safety, quality, compliance, and sustainability. Because when it comes to lithium-ion batteries, safety doesn’t just mean protecting what’s inside the box.

Explore our comprehensive safety solutions, encompassing cabinets, storage and transport boxes, EV car battery flooding fences, large containers, and walk-in units. Our collaborative ventures with leading global car manufacturers have resulted in the development of tailor-made drive-in containers and cutting-edge test labs. These esteemed partners consistently rely on us as their primary choice for lithium-ion safety solutions. So, whatever your site and circumstances, we have you covered.

Because as leaders in the industry, we feel passionate about, and responsible for, creating a safer, cleaner future for everyone.

To see our full catalogue of lithium-ion products and to hear more about who else we’re working with contact us via the links below.

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