Fike is a global industrial safety solutions provider dedicated to ensuring workers return home every day to their families. We offer world-class consultancy services for industrial processes facing fire, explosion or pressure-related hazards, and manufacture, test, design, install and commission reliable protection systems to meet regulatory requirements and keep workers safe Since 1945 Fike has continued to innovate its safety offerings. With the growing need for the protection of battery hazards, Fike has dedicated countless resources to developing the world’s first third-party tested and patented solution that suppresses thermal runaway – Fike Blue:

- With a boiling point of more than 400°C, Blue fully submerges cells, absorbing intense exothermic heat without breaking down.

- Fike Blue is safe for the environment, using exponentially less liquid than water-based systems, reducing runoff, and it's PFAS-free.

- Fike Blue is stored as a pressurized liquid and discharged in the same form.

- Fike Blue is far less conductive than water, ensuring safety without compromising performance.

Fike also offers battery and energy storage system manufacturers the opportunity to ensure their systems are safe with a Fike BHA (Battery Hazard Analysis). A Fike BHA determines and validates the protection approach using Fike Blue as the thermal management and fire protection solution to protect lithium ion battery assemblies from thermal runaway. The BHA provides ESS manufacturers with confidence that their ESS equipped with Fike Blue will pass UL 9540A certification at a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), will meet local AHJ (authorities having jurisdiction) requirements, and most importantly, will keep nearby people and property safe.

This is achieved through…

- Designing a custom ESS thermal management and fire protection solution using Fike Blue that fulfils the demands of the unique application.

- Validating the Fike Blue solution in a Unit-Level Test, guided by UL 9540A.

- Identifying potential risks within the ESS design that could make suppression of a thermal runaway event difficult (or impossible), as well as identifying risk mitigation solutions.

- Producing a thoroughly documented yet easy-to-read BHA Report to submit to AHJs, fire marshals, insurance providers and more.

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