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Hiden Analytical: Innovating Battery Technology for Over Four Decades

At Hiden Analytical, we've been at the forefront of scientific instrumentation design and manufacture for more than 40 years. Our global leadership in the field is anchored in our expertise in vacuum, gas, surface, and plasma processes. Our quadrupole mass spectrometers are globally renowned, epitomizing precision and exceptional performance.

As a privately-owned entity, we pride ourselves on fostering close and positive relationships with our clients, many of whom are pioneers in plasma research, surface science, vacuum processing, and gas analysis. Our sustained excellence is a testament to our deep technical knowledge and dedication to these fields.

Our Systems for Battery Research

Our product range for the battery research sector is a reflection of our commitment to advancing battery technology:

1.            Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers: Essential in the analysis of gaseous products during battery charge and discharge cycles, these instruments are key in accurately measuring evolved gases. This capability is crucial for understanding the efficiency and safety of batteries.

2.            Gas Analysis Systems: Tailored for real-time gas analysis, these systems play a vital role in studying electrolyte decomposition and thermal runaway processes in batteries. Their high sensitivity and rapid response time are invaluable assets in battery R&D.

3.            Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS): This innovative analytical technique marries electrochemical half-cell experiments with mass spectrometry. It is essential for exploring battery electrode processes and ion dynamics.

Highlighting the DEMS Range

Our DEMS series stands out as a prime example of our commitment to cutting-edge technology. Designed for dissolved gas analysis and off-gas analysis in electrochemistry, the HPR-40 DEMS and HPR-20 OEMS are pivotal in advancing our understanding of battery technology. For detailed information on these and our other products, visit our website: HPR-40 DEMS and HPR-20 OEMS.

At Hiden Analytical, we are dedicated to empowering the battery technology sector through our innovative solutions, fostering advancements that pave the way for a more efficient and safe future.

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