Labeline International Ltd

Labeline International Ltd

For over 30 years Labeline International has been at the forefront of dangerous goods compliance.  The company is probably the world’s leading authorised distributor for the Dangerous Goods Regulations (manuals and digital), covering the transport of dangerous goods by all modes.  Labeline also supplies the full range of hazard labels, placards, documentation, packaging and software to help customers comply with international shipping requirements.

For the battery industry, Labeline offers:

IATA Lithium Battery Shipping Regulations (manual and digital)

Fully compliant Class 9A Hazard Labels and Lithium Battery Handling Marks

Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries training for all modes (CAA approved for air)

Section II Online Training Course for “Adequate Instruction”

Consultancy Services

DGOffice software, which simplifies the classification process and makes the calculations to enable users to quickly produce dangerous goods documentation that always complies with current regulations worldwide.

UN-approved boxes and offers bespoke solutions for all dangerous goods packaging requirements.

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