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Society needs electric vehicles with longer driving ranges and shorter charging times. People need smart phones with increased functionality, without compromising on battery life. And tackling climate change relies on humanity’s ability to electrify new modes of transport like electric planes. The existing lithium-ion batteries that power our life, work and play aren’t currently equipped to sustain this future.

LeydenJar Technologies holds the key to these issues, for a future full of energy. Our ace is our energy density of 1350 Wh/L, 70% more than state-of-the-art smart phones or electric vehicles have today. The secret lies in LeydenJar’s super thin, pure silicon battery anodes, produced using our patented process. Beyond providing record energy density in batteries, these ultra-thin anodes enable lower CO2 footprint, significant cost savings and charge to full capacity in less than 10 minutes.

Since starting out in 2016, we have raised a total of €90M in venture capital and now call over 90 of the world’s brightest scientist, engineers and innovators our colleagues.

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