Lucideon Limited

Lucideon Limited

We're transforming the battery industry with our cutting-edge capabilities that redefine what's possible in energy storage. Our expertise spans a spectrum of innovative technologies, including Flash Sintering and a wide range of Conventional Sintering and heating methods, designed to elevate your battery material performance to unprecedented levels.

With Flash Sintering, we employ unique heating and sintering techniques that set us apart from conventional methods. The result? Enhanced material performance and productivity, addressing critical challenges such as increasing electrolyte/electrode interfacial area and minimising ion volatilisation. Our conventional sintering and heating methods cover from room temperature to 3000°C with vacuum, inert or reducing atmospheres available.

Our combination of materials experts and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that we harness the best market expertise to develop and process battery materials and components, from packing materials to electrodes and electrolytes. Our offerings extend to customised characterisation and testing across a diverse range of materials. Formulation expertise covering mixing, milling, and forming.  As well as specialised material business consultancy services. At Lucideon, we're not just shaping the future of batteries; we're empowering our clients to lead the charge in energy innovation.

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