Powdertech Surface Science

Powdertech Surface Science

Experts in Surface Treatments for Aluminium Battery Enclosures

With 40 years’ experience in surface treatments, PhD level expertise and full engineering support, and state of the art metal finishing and testing facilities. Powdertech Surface Science are your partners for:

-Cleaning and passivation (TiZr). RFU and XRF measurements to determine cleanliness levels

-Application of dielectric coating to exceed 2.5kv breakdown strength

-In-house quality control capability for testing:

-Dielectric breakdown strength

-Surface cleanliness: RFU, Surface energy


-Bond strength

Dielectric Powder Coating

Dielectric coatings are designed to prevent arcing within the battery enclosure and must be applied in precise areas to electrically isolate certain parts of the metal. Our years of experience in CAD design and application of masking schemes are essential for the efficacy of Resicoat systems. These coatings also need to be applied at the exact thickness required for electrical isolation and free from even the smallest pinhole. Any failure in the integrity of the coating would result in unsafe leakage of current.

Our surface finishing services:


Precise, beautifully finished powder coating for complex or delicate components in low volume.

TiZr passivation

Conversion coating for metal surfaces to improve adhesive bonding, welding and sealing.

Iridite NCP

Chrome-free surface treatment system with a high resistance to corrosion, for pre-treatment or final finish.

Aluminium powder coating

Creates a bonded layer with excellent resistance to weather corrosion, scratches, abrasions, chipping and fading.

Magnesium powder coating

High-performance pre-treatments specifically designed for magnesium alloys with consistent coverage.


Our breakthrough process for joining aluminium to polypropylene with unrivalled bond strength, while reducing overall weight.

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Our in-depth technical expertise and years of experience make us the ideal partner for your powder coating project – especially where quality is key, or conditions are challenging. We welcome visits to our Oxfordshire headquarters to see our state-of-the-art facilities.

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