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QuickerSim is a company focusing on CFD simulations and simulation software development. We have developed two tools for the battery industry – Q-Bat and Perun.

Q-Bat is a tool for thermal simulations of battery packs. Thanks to our Model Order Reduction algorithms, using Q-Bat we are able to perform transient thermal simulations in 3-D in 1/20 of time needed by common CFD solvers. Moreover, the significant improvement in simulation time is not at an expense of the accuracy. The maximum error compared to CFD solvers is below 1K, while the average error is below 0.5K. Q-Bat can also be used for system-level simulations in Simulink. There is no need for additional work – once you build your battery model in Q-Bat, you can directly export it to a Simulink block and use it in your system-level simulations. What’s more – even in Simulink, Q-Bat solves a 3-D problem, so no data is lost due to reducing the model to 1-D.

Perun is a tool for battery degradation prediction. We have combined data-based and physics-based models to obtain a solution which allows for great accuracy while minimizing the needed laboratory testing. Our model can predict parameters such as:

Voltage response after any cycle

Capacity fade

Power fade

Change in internal resistance

Loss of electrode capacity

To learn more about our solutions, please visit our website or contact our Product Manager for e-mobility – Michał Suchonos.

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