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Resin flooring (NMP resistant finishes and ESD)

Fire Protection Systems for structural steel

Corrosion Protection

Tank Linings

Bund Linings

Hygienic wall coatings

Sherwin-Williams is your trusted partner in fast-tracking the future of electric vehicle and battery innovation. We’re committed to safety, quality, efficiency, and sustainability, ensuring automotive and battery technology owners, general contractors, specifying engineers, architects, and other construction partners meet today’s demands while pioneering tomorrow’s EV milestones.

Protecting your assets on a global scale

At Sherwin-Williams, we’ve been helping our customers achieve smarter, time-tested asset protection for more than 150 years. We pride ourselves on our world-class expertise, industry-leading solutions and unrivalled technical service and support. 

With our world-leading portfolio of tech-led, high-performance coatings and systems, we can help protect your assets against corrosion, fire, chemical attack, extreme weather and everyday wear and tear. Our proven high-performance flooring systems combine durability with aesthetic design to protect your assets against everything from the heavy movement of machinery and goods to harsh chemicals, and everyday wear and tear.

From spec to protect, our products support the entire value chain of your business to ensure that we provide you with the right solution for your needs, backed up by unrivalled levels of technical expertise, both in the choice of coating and its correct application.

Our one-stop-shop portfolio

Drawing on our wealth of research and development expertise, we’ve created a one-stop shop portfolio of high-performance products to meet the challenges your assets face in the 21st century. 

Our range of liquid and powder protective coatings offers chemical and abrasion resistance for a variety of areas with battery production plants, including atmospheric corrosion protection for C1 to C5 environments. At the same time, our high-performance flooring solutions can meet a wide range of industry needs, including chemical resistance (14-day NMP resistance,) anti-slip, easy clean and hygienic properties perfect for battery production and associated manufacturing plants. 

Our cellulosic and hydrocarbon intumescent coatings for structural steel, combined with our world-class Fire Engineering and Estimating Team, provide passive fire protection to a wide range of residential and commercial projects, with options for either on or off-site application, designed to reduce workshop bottlenecks and ensure your project stays on track.

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