Thermal Hazard Technology

Thermal Hazard Technology
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Thermal Hazard Technology (THT) is one of the leading suppliers of lithium battery safety testing equipment.

ARC provides an adiabatic testing environment typically leading to full thermal runaway. Thermal abuse, overcharge, controlled-speed nail penetration and short circuit can be carried in the ARC. The instrument is robust and rugged enough to withstand explosive battery decompositions, with the system designed to contain the significant energy released during thermal runaway.

New IBCx Isothermal Battery Calorimeter for high precision heat measurement and heat capacity determination for multiformat cells. Cell temperature is kept constant, regardless of the C-rate. The amount of heat generated by the battery is then determined throughout the charge and discharge cycle. The standard system accommodates pouch and prismatic cells. Adaptors are available for cylindrical cells. The IBCx allows for characterisation of battery heat at different operating temperatures and C-rates, thereby providing information on battery performance, efficiency, and life cycle.

As well as instrumentation, THT offer a commercial sample testing service from their UK laboratory.

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