Thermtest Europe AB

Thermtest Europe AB

For nearly two decades, Thermtest has been dedicated to crafting intelligent instruments for precise testing of thermophysical properties. Our world-class testing services reflect our dedication to advancing thermal conductivity measurement technology. Thermtest embodies evolution and intelligence in our cutting-edge products, showcasing a relentless pursuit of improvement and innovation; we empower our clients with the knowledge to select methods tailored to their requirements; and we are unwaveringly focused on developing and delivering the apex of thermal conductivity instruments, equipped with proprietary technologies. 

Proof of our commitment to excellence is found in Thermtest’s emergence as a leader and innovator in testing the thermophysical properties of batteries. Our MP-1 with TPS module makes testing directional (Axial & Radial) thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of cylinder and pouch batteries possible – evidence of our intelligence and precision in design and unmatched by the competition. The powerful MP-1 TPS combination enables a deeper understanding of battery properties by saving professionals time, effort, and resources in their testing. 

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