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Vector GB Ltd

For more than 35 years, Vector has been your capable partner in the development of automotive electronics. Driven by our passion for technology, Vector develops tools, software, hardware and solutions for automotive and related industries around the world. Solutions from Vector help simplify the development of embedded systems in areas such as e-mobility, safety and security, ADAS and autonomous driving.  

Shaping E-Mobility

Smart Solutions for the Electrified World

Electric mobility is the future of transportation and innovative solutions are becoming available to allow electric mobility to enter the mass market.  Vector supports developers of onboard charging ECUs in the vehicle, charging stations and induction charging systems with extensive test systems and libraries of test cases. Helping our customers to develop their software quickly and cost-effectively. 

The development of electric vehicles poses new challenges for measurement technology.  Vector and our partner company CSM developed a powerful and flexible e-mobility measurement solution providing fast multi-channel measurements in high-voltage cables and components.

This expert knowledge also transfers to the charging infrastructure sector. With Vector E-Mobility infrastructure products, developers and operators of charging stations are equipped with standard-compliant solutions to make a difference. Manufacturers of charging stations and wall boxes can count on the universal charging station controllers vSECC and software libraries vSECClib to accelerate their product development. With the charging and load management software vCharM, operators can efficiently control and monitor charging stations to make optimal use of the grid connection and avoid costly load peaks.

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