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Due to sodium’s abundance within the earth’s crust, Na-ion battery technology is a new and fast-growing Energy Research area.

Following the increase in demand, we have all the materials, chemicals, components and equipment you need to help accelerate your Na-ion battery research:

  • Sodium discs & foils
    • Our discs are pre-cut to size for ease of use within coin cell research, whilst the foil can be cut to size for use in pouch or cylinder cell R&D
  • Anode & cathode powders
    • Our sodium-ion cathode materials are typically based on intercalation / de-intercalation compounds, where sodium ions provided by the cathode are inserted into the host lattice (anode) during charge and extracted during discharge, with minimal structural change in the host material
  • Pre-Coated electrode sheets
    • Our sodium-ion cathode and anode powders can also be cast as electrode sheets
  • Electrolytes
    • Our electrolytes have been specifically formulated for na-ion battery research.
  • Coin / pouch / cylinder cell consumables & equipment
    • We provide an extensive choice of equipment for battery and supercapacitor research. This ranges from cost-effective manual and semi-automatic equipment, designed for use in benchtop research, through to automated and high throughput systems for large laboratory research and prototype testing.  

Material Specifications:

Discs & FoilsA blue liquid being poured into a round container

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Sodium Discs:

  • Purity: 99.7%
  • Diameter: 12.0mm, 14.0mm, 15.6mm, 18.0mm
  • Thickness: 0.45mm
  • Coating: Coated on one side with 30μm aluminium to aid current collection, also available uncoated if required

Sodium Foil:

  • Purity: 99.7%
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 300mm
  • Thickness: 0.45mm
  • Coating: Coated on one side with 30μm aluminium to aid current collection


Na-ion Cathode, Anode, and Electrolyte Powders:

We supply a variety of sodium-ion battery materials, which include sodium-based cathode and anode materials, their corresponding carbon-coated counterparts (3-5 wt.% carbon), and sodium-based solid electrolytes.

We can customize the primary and secondary particle size, composition, and surface characteristics (e.g., electronically conducting coating layer) of available materials, as well as custom synthesize Na-ion materials upon request.  Please contact our expert Energy team with your specifications.

Image: Sodium Iron Phosphate Na4Fe3(PO4)2P2O

Product DescriptionFormulaStructureMaterial Type
Sodium Chromium Oxide powderNaCrO2HexagonalCathode
Sodium Cobalt Oxide powderNa0.7CoO2+xHexagonalCathode
Sodium Manganese Oxide powderNa0.44MnO2HexagonalCathode
Sodium Manganese Oxide powderNa0.7MnO2+xOrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Cobalt Phosphate powderNaCoPO4OrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Nickel Phosphate powderNaNiPO4OrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Iron Phosphate powderNaFePO4Orthorhombic (Maricite)Cathode
Sodium Manganese Phosphate powderNaMnPO4OrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Iron Hexacyanoferrate (“Prussian Blue”) powder*Na0.61Fe[Fe(CN)6]0.94CubicCathode
Sodium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate (“Prussian White”) powder*Na1.79Mn[Fe(CN)6]0.87(unknown)Cathode
Sodium Metatitanate powderNa2Ti3O7MonoclinicAnode
Sodium Titanium Oxide powderNa4Ti5O12HexagonalAnode
Sodium Titanium Phosphate powderNaTi2(PO4)3HexagonalAnode
3 wt.% Carbon-coated Sodium Titanium Phosphate powderNaTi2(PO4)3HexagonalAnode
Sodium Aluminium Titanium Phosphate powderNa1.3Al0.3Ti1.7P3O12HexagonalElectrolyte
Hard Carbon Powder  Anode
Soft Carbon Powder  Anode
Kuaray Type2 Hard Carbon  Anode
 Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode
Sodium Iron PhosphateNa4Fe3(PO4)2P2O7 Cathode
Prussian WhiteNa2Mn[Fe(CN)6] Cathode
Prussian BlueNa2Fe2(CN)6 Cathode
Layered OxideNaNi1/3Fe1/3Mn1/3O2 Cathode
NASICONNa3Zr2Si2PO12 Solid State Electrolyte
NASICON (Pellet 19.4mm Dia x 1mm Thickness)Na3Zr2Si2PO12 Solid State Electrolyte
NPSCLNa5.5PS4.5Cl1.5 Solid State Electrolyte
 NaPF6 Electrolyte


Please contact us for more information on our electrolytes.

Pre-coated Electrode Sheets

Na-ion Cathode and Anode Electrode Sheets:

Our sodium-ion cathode and anode powders can also be cast as an electrode sheet, as shown below:

  • Coated Sheet Dimensions: 5 inches x 10 inches (127 mm x 254 mm)
  • Current Collectors: Copper (10 μm) or Aluminium (16 μm)
  • Coating: Single and Double-sided sheets available, coated edge-to-edge (unless specified otherwise)
  • A roll of aluminum foil

Description automatically generatedStandard* Composition: 85% active material, 10% conductive carbon, 5% PVDF binder (*except Hard Carbon electrode sheet)

Modifications can also be made to accommodate customers with unique specification requirements, such as different active material loadings, coating thickness, and binder type / content upon request.  Please contact our expert Energy team with your specifications.

Product DescriptionFormulaStructureMaterial Type
Sodium Chromium Oxide electrode sheetNaCrO2HexagonalCathode
Sodium Cobalt Oxide electrode sheetNa0.7CoO2+xHexagonalCathode
Sodium Manganese Oxide electrode sheetNa0.44MnO2HexagonalCathode
Sodium Manganese Oxide electrode sheetNa0.7MnO2+xOrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Cobalt Phosphate electrode sheetNaCoPO4OrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Nickel Phosphate electrode sheetNaNiPO4OrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Iron Phosphate electrode sheetNaFePO4Orthorhombic (Maricite)Cathode
Sodium Manganese Phosphate electrode sheetNaMnPO4OrthorhombicCathode
Sodium Iron Hexacyanoferrate (“Prussian Blue”) electrode sheetNa0.61Fe[Fe(CN)6]0.94CubicCathode
Sodium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate (“Prussian White”) electrodesNa1.79Mn[Fe(CN)6]0.87(unknown)Cathode
Sodium Metatitanate electrode sheetNa2Ti3O7MonoclinicAnode
Sodium Titanium Oxide electrode sheetNa4Ti5O12HexagonalAnode
Sodium Titanium Phosphate electrode sheetNaTi2(PO4)3HexagonalAnode
3 wt.% Carbon-coated Sodium Titanium Phosphate electrode sheetNaTi2(PO4)3HexagonalAnode
Hard Carbon electrode sheetCn/aAnode

For more information on our NEW sodium products or any of our battery cell materials & equipment, please get in touch with our Energy Research experts:

T +44 (0) 1827 259250

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