SiAT Partners with ZEON to Launch Innovative SWCNT Conductive Paste, Enhancing Battery Fast Charging and Energy Density

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – SiAT, a leading manufacturer of advanced nanomaterials for batteries in Taiwan, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Japan Zeon Corporation. This collaboration marks the introduction of single-walled carbon nanotube conductive paste. The product can replace or be combined with carbon black to serve as a conductive agent additive in Lithium-ion battery cathode/anode formulations, and also has wide application in transparent films and EMI shielding

Zeon produce single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) that demonstrate unique properties, including a high aspect ratio, high purity and highly specific surface area. Zeon is one of the few earliest SWCNT manufacturers and has achieved mass production capability since 2015.

CNT has tendency to undergo bundling and lack of dispersibility in aqueous and nonaqueous media. Nano-material dispersion has always been a difficult problem to overcome in the use of CNT materials. SiAT has the unique technology knowhow experience and production capacity in the application of nano-material dispersion to manufacture CNT conductive paste.

Through SiAT & Zeon partnership, the new SWCNT conductive paste product exhibits excellent conductivity. In battery cathode/anode formulation, only 1/20 additive of SWCNT conductive paste is required compared to carbon black conductive agent, to enhance battery life and reduce charging times. This also increases the proportion of active materials in formulations, thereby boosting the battery’s energy density.

SiAT’s commitment to innovation in battery technology is further demonstrated by the launch of SWCNT conductive paste. For more information about SiAT’s products, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at

About ZEON

Zeon (TYO:4205) is a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers, and specialty chemicals. With over 70 years in business and consolidated sales of over U.S. $2.5 billion, Zeon has both the experience and the expertise in C4 and C5 chemistry to offer a wide range of products. Zeon Corporation employs over 4,000 people worldwide, with global headquarters in Tokyo and regional headquarters in the United States, Singapore, and Germany.

About SiAT

SiAT (Sino Applied Technology) is a Taiwan manufacturer of advanced nanomaterials for next-generation batteries. Established in 2018, SiAT’s core mission is to accelerate green transition by increasing battery performance through its innovative nanomaterials. SiAT owns several US & Europe patents in nanomaterial production. SiAT is scaling its technology at its manufacturing facility in Taiwan, and now offers innovative products including nano silicon anode, CNT conductive paste, LMFP paste, CNT-coated aluminum foil.


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