VOLKLEC launches to manufacture electric vehicle batteries in the UK

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  • New EV battery brand, Volklec is established in the UK
  • Backed by UK-based investment company, Frontive Group, Volklec represents significant investment in engineering and manufacturing in Coventry, the epicentre of the UK automotive industry
  • Volklec batteries will be in development at UKBIC – the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

Coventry, UK, 15 May 2024 – Volklec, a new UK manufacturing business making batteries for electric vehicles, is launched today. Based in Coventry in the West Midlands, with the vision of Powering Electrified Mobility, it is set to manufacture sustainable batteries for on-road, off-highway and track vehicles.

In an innovative UK technology collaboration, Volklec is working with UKBIC, the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre and national manufacturing development scale-up facility, which also provides skills for the growing EV battery sector.

Volklec, working with UKBIC, will develop batteries to meet the attribute requirements of the UK automotive market, in particular the diverse array of small volume and niche vehicle manufacturers. Volklec’s product development and rapid route to scale-up provides a critical component in the roadmap to giga-scale production. The collaboration will directly create jobs in the West Midlands and contribute directly to building world-class battery R&D, process and manufacturing capability in the UK.

Imran Khatri, Volklec Founder, said: “Volklec has been many months and significant investment in the making, established to help the UK’s decarbonisation drive. As a proud investment in the UK, our initial focus is on the automotive industry, providing security of supply to the sector, then we intend to look at the broader electrification markets as well.”

Sean Gilgunn, UKBIC Managing Director, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Volklec to UKBIC and to become their launch base here in the heart of the UK automotive industry. Our purpose-built facility is where businesses can develop their battery manufacturing processes at the scale they need to move to industrial production. This agreement marks the start of Volklec’s journey to create a battery with the potential to scale up to significant volumes in the coming years, and we are proud to support the business in the initial phase of their development. Manufacturing cells at volume is vital to ensuring the UK prospers from the energy transition towards Net Zero, and this agreement further demonstrates the unique value of UKBIC to the battery ecosystem.” 



Frontive Group is an investor, incubator and advisor, providing solutions to grow businesses and support investors with the aim of driving sustainable change.  The company’s vision is to achieve social change through investments that build a sustainable future with a focus on both environmental and social impact.

Frontive Holding was founded in 2016, founding and developing numerous businesses internationally. The Group has expanded with the creation of Frontive Services (2020) – offering specialist investment solutions for high net worth individuals and family offices; and Frontive Japan (2021) – launched to support investment and business development in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Source: VOLKLEC launches to manufacture electric vehicle batteries in the UK (ukbic.co.uk)