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~ Ultralife brings battery breakthroughs to ACE Water Conference 2024 ~

Global battery manufacturer, Ultralife Corporation, will be exhibiting at the upcoming ACE Water Conference, taking place on June 11-13, 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, USA. Visitors can find Ultralife at Booth 1149, where the company will showcase its latest advancements in battery technology for water-related applications, including water meters and leak sensors.

ACE Water Conference is renowned for presenting cutting-edge products and services that address the myriad of challenges facing the water industry today. As a leading provider of battery solutions, Ultralife is positioned at the forefront of this innovation wave, offering products that enhance the functionality and service life of water management systems.

Recent advancements by Ultralife include the expansion of its Lithium Thionyl Chloride cell range, prominently featuring the D cell with an industry-leading capacity of 19Ah, ideally suited for water and gas meters. The high amount of energy stored in this battery helps it to power smart meters over their entire lifespan — typically about ten years — without the need for replacement, reducing operational costs significantly.

This cell is also ATEX certified for safe use around gas and has been verified by a leading metering OEM. With the capability to add ultracapacitors as part of a battery system, these cells can support high-rate applications, which is particularly advantageous in the latest 5G-compatible smart meters that demand a periodic, high-power consumption.

When it comes to water leak detection, battery-powered sensors are used to detect moisture and, if found, sound an alarm, or send an alert to a smartphone. These sensors are continually monitoring for moisture, so need a stable and reliable power source to operate effectively. This is where Ultralife’s XR123A cell is ideal. Using its hybrid chemistry design, Ultralife’s XR123A can offer both high power and consistent voltage throughout the service life of the battery. Additionally, it provides an industry leading capacity (for a CR123A-size cell) of 2.0Ah.

“In the water sector, there is a pressing demand for longer lasting and reliable technologies,” said Eric Lind, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Ultralife Corporation. “Ultralife is at the forefront of meeting these needs. Our decision to exhibit at the ACE Water Conference stems from our commitment to engage directly with industry professionals and stakeholders, showcasing our latest battery technologies that reflect our dedication to innovation in water management.”

Anybody who is interested in booking an appointment to meet Ultralife on Booth 1149 can do so by completing this form.

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About Ultralife: A global corporation headquartered in Newark, New York, Ultralife has extensive North American as well as international operations in Europe, China and India. Through strategic growth and acquisitions, the corporation has expanded beyond its commercial and military battery business to include custom engineering design and services, tactical communications systems and a wide range of power accessories for global government and defence markets.

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